While Vineet's creations are defined in sutra stones, cosmic dishes, Bodhisatva totems, travel tableaux and spirit markers. His sutra stones are as much meditation seats as they are elements of decoration. He transforms the rock and rugged stones from the Himalayas into sutra stones by giving them various shapes and colouring them with saffron, green, beige and white. A few lines from scriptures are carved to give a spiritual look. Similar are his arrow-shaped spirit markers in which the images of Buddha and various religious symbols in porcelain are either engraved or pasted. His cosmic dishes are rounded rugged plates turned upside with Brahman, Vishnu, Mahesh and Buddha pasted on it. Travel tableaux are an interesting and innovative blend of ceramic.

This piece is part of a series of teapot forms ( in part alluding to the Japanese Tea ceremony) called "Transcendence and Tea".

Transcendence & Tea TT4
Medium:High-fired Ceramics Size (h x w):21" x 20" x
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Vineet 's work is informed by his formal architectural training and inspired by his travels in the Buddhist Himalayan regions of India. After honing his skills at Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry, Vineet worked as an artist in - residence at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, USA. A month spent with renowned British potter Sandy Brown while in England on the Charles Wallace fellowship. He used this time to reassess his cultural connections and sources of inspiration.
Established his own studio in 2002 had a further liberating effect on his work, both in content and scale.
Widely exhibited Vineet`s current work is inspired by techniques used in contemporary music sampling and remixing, old texts, icons and imagery with a contemporary, sometimes kitschy sensibility. Seemingly opposite characteristics often combine on a single piece - the ancient against the contemporary, the ceremonial against the ordinary, matte against gloss and smooth against textured. This extends to the making process as well, in which several techniques often combines on a single piece - wheel throwing, handbuilding and working with moulds.

Vineet has won several awards more recently the India Foundation for the Arts award to work on a collaborative public art project in Mumbai,

Within a short period he has established collectors of his ceramic pottery collection in both private and corporate collection throughout India, other countries as far as Japan, Europe and the UK.

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The series is based on the understanding that while revolutions in the external realm require the use of weapons to bring about change, "Awareness" itself is a weapon to bring about change in the inner realm.

Platter – Weapons of Awareness WA1
Medium:High-fired Ceramics Size (h x w): 19" round

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Platter – Weapons of Awareness WA4
High-fired Ceramics Size (h x w): 19" round
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1983-88 1983-88 B.Arch., School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
1989 Trained in ceramics with Mansimran Singh, Andretta, Himachal Pradesh
1990- 93 Training in ceramics, Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry under Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith
1998 Post-experience program, Centre for Ceramics, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, U.K., for a period of three months
1998 Apprenticeships with British potters Alan Caiger-Smith in Aldermaston and Sandy Brown in Bideford, U.K.


2004-05 Introductory course in ceramics, Global Arts Village, New Delhi
2004 "Indian Ceramics – Four Scenarios", slide lecture, Gallery, Nature Morte New Delhi 2002 “Ceramics in India: From Tradition To Modernity”, slide lecture presented at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque; Universityof Minnesota, Minneapolis; Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis and Clay Art Center,New York State
2000 “Creativity through Clay”, a two-day workshop conducted at National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
1998 "Working in Clay", slide lecture, Blas & Knada, Stockholm, Sweden
1998 “Introduction to wheel-throwing”, one week course conducted at the Anderson Ranch Arts Centre, Colorado, U.S.A
1994-96 Taught an introductory course in pottery, Habitat School of Architecture, New Delhi.

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Vineet Kacker Contemporary Ceramic artist

We welcome New Delhi-based sculptor showing in our current exhibition with his contemporary Himalayan ceramic collection.
“Most of my work draws from a spiritual search,” says the 43-year-old artist. “I like my work to walk a path between the meditative and the playful, responding both to the sacred and the profane, and exploring their inter-changeability. While outwardly the work may refer to the spiritual, the material is approached with a contemporary city-based sensibility, re-contextualising and re-mixing ancient icons and symbols with urban street kitsch. I also look at techniques used in contemporary music… I see myself sampling old texts, icons and imagery into new visual works that are accessible without being populist, and symbolic without being derivative,”
says Kacker. Prices start £430 onwards.

Vineet Kacker received a Bachelor of Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi in 1988; trained in ceramics with Mansimran Singh in Andretta, Himachal Pradesh in 1989; studied under Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith at Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherry from 1990 to 1993; and apprenticed with Alan Caiger-Smith in Aldermaston, UK, and Sandy Brown in Bideford, UK, in 1998. Selected solo/duo exhibitions include Vineet Kacker/Yushi Ito at Anant Art Gallery in New Delhi (2006); Spirit/Space at Artists' Centre in Mumbai (2005); Speaking in Sutras at Nature Morte in New Delhi (2004); and Vineet Kacker/Shanti Swaroopini Roy at Queens Gallery, British High Commission in New Delhi (1999). Selected group exhibitions include Skin of Asias, curated for the International Ceramic Biennale in South Korea (2007); Elements at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi (2006); Indo-Swedish Art Glass Sambandh at the Indian Habitat Centre in New Delhi and Ostergotlands Lansmuseum in Linkopin, Sweden (2006); and Terra Natura at Gallerie Nvya in New Delhi (2005). Vineet Kacker lives and works in New Delhi.

This series is inspired by street shrines in urban India, and pays homage to the unique half male, half female deity "Ardinareshwar".

Ardnareshwar Totem AT2
High-fired Ceramics, Thread Size (h x w): 16" x 4" x 4"
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"The Spirit Totems series are inspired by wayside shrines," he explains. Several small clay elements pre-fabricated from stamps and molds are put together in a collage to make these intricate structures - the process of making reflects the incremental way in which street shrines evolve. Wrapping of the colored Tibetan thread alludes to the ritual and the ceremony. His intriguing use of the celadon surface gives us a different link to time and tradition. "The icons themselves are composite ones, the body of one matched with the head of another, and I like the idea of using a classical celadon type glaze with the somewhat kitschy Indian imagery,"
says Vineet.

Ardnareshwar Totem AT7
Medium:High-fired Ceramics, Thread Size (h x w): 16" x 4" x 4"

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This series of plates refer to the spiritual state called the "Fourth", as it is beyond the three states of Wakefulness, Dreaming and Consciousness.

Platter – Travels in Fourth TF8
Medium:High-fired Ceramics Size (h x w): 19" round

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Platter – Weapons of Awareness WA2
High-fired Ceramics Size (h x w): 19" round
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